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Life resume

Jun 20, 2024

Do you have a life resume?

A life resume, also known as a living resume or life CV, is a comprehensive record of an individual's life experiences, achievements, skills, and personal growth beyond just their professional career. It encompasses various aspects of one's life journey, including hobbies, interests, travels, volunteer work, and personal milestones. 

Why is this important?

-You are more than your work. Getting the full scope of a person can help a hiring manager know the "full you".
-A life resume, on the other hand, is a self-reflective tool for personal growth, goal-setting, and understanding one's unique journey. 
-While a career resume includes sections like education, work experience, and skills, a life resume may additionally cover aspects such as personal values, hobbies, travel experiences, volunteer work, life lessons, and significant life events 

As a professional counselor, I highly encourage all clients to make a type of vision board, which can often look like a life resume. This step can be vital in creating a life path for yourself.

Have you made a life resume?

What would it say?

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