What is Career Coaching?


Apr 11, 2024

Do you ever work during lunch break?

Do you squeeze too many appointments into your day?

Have you been asked to go "above and beyond" without a raise or ability to move up in the company?

That was me. 

For far too long I was a workaholic. I thought about work during off hours and was always worried about things not getting done on time.

It was absolutely exhausting. 

Nothing creates more balance in your life than getting rid of a toxic work environment. All too often I hear clients tell me they feel obligated to work extra just to keep their jobs. No one should expect you to be a robot. You need healthy boundaries and work-life balance, no matter what type of job you have.

Toxic work culture is something we all need to be aware of, especially when you are searching for a job. Always remember that during the interview, and even in the job description an employer will always show you their best side. You need to always be digging for more information, as well as doing research on websites like glassdoor to get a real feel for what a company is like.

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